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Putting a site together – Connecting PHP Front-end with MYSQL

Posted April 8th, 2010 in project and tagged , , , by Donny Kurnia

This was my first project in RAC and also my first experience using CodeIgniter in the real project.

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I have a template (see, which needs to be linked with my MYSQL database. The template shows what type of information the db contains.

The links on the left menu should show the respective sections of the db, neatly in the front-end of the site. Left of the logo (which is empty right now), I need some space to put advertisements. The search box needs to function properly (with a drop down menu to choose the section).

I also would like to have cookies implemented, which show a visitor which items are added to the DB since his last visit.

Last but not least, each item in the DB should be able to be rated by visitors of the site. (that's where those 0000 stand for), as well as having a hitcount (btoh to be stored in mysql).

In all, the site needs to be completed to full functionality.

I prefer that the template is stripped from any CMS as is the case now, and be put on a php site, but any other method is fine as well. The current template will have to be stripped from the mambo CMS (or use the template at )

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