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Posted April 16th, 2010 in project and tagged , , , , , , , , by Donny Kurnia

This was the 3rd project that I’ve done in RAC. In this project, I’m using various javascript effect such as slider, multiple select, and sIFR.

One of new technique that I learn in this project is searching based on ZIP code in some radius. I’m using a free ZIP code database and this algorithm to  search all ZIP code around given ZIP code and radius (in mile or km).

The client gave me the design in PSD file. Luckily my fellow designer can help me to slice it into HTML and CSS files, in turn to help him on his side project.

Project's Detail
Project URL
Project Type
Project Feature
  • AJAX
  • sIFR
  • jQuery
Other Feature
Project Description (from client)

The project is about a 2 pages webpage which can let user to search restaurant base on their criteria using a AJAX search. I will provide the design and need a person to make it's work. AJAX, CSS, PHP, MySQL will be used. The details of the project is as follow:

AJAX Search

Input: keywords, cuisine, minimum price , maximum price, zipcode and radius will be input from the home page

function:The argument will then be post to a php page. The php function will find the restaurant in the database that match the criteria and return a xml file.

Output: The return restaurant will be display in the main area. The main area will contain all the restaurant in one page. (scrollable). Each restaurant block contain:

  • restaurant's photo
  • name
  • address
  • a link to it's webpage (if provide)
  • a link to it's map (google map)
  • a link to it's menu
when the menu link is clicked, it's restaurant 's ID will be post to the server ( a php page), the php page will extract the menu from the database base on the restaurant's ID and return it's menu. The menu will be shown in a new window base on the format of my design:
  • The Left page will be showing the Categories of the food, it is expandable. When it is clicked, the sub- categories will be show under the main categories (just like the window file system).
  • The right page will be used to list the detail of the food ( name , price.....) under a categories.

Interested parties please provide your previous work and quote.

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